17 april 2012

Pink Orange and Red bead sets

There are some new bead sets for sale in my shop. I was inspired by pink, red and orange colors with a hint of turquoise blue. Maybe I have said it before, but it's my favorite color combination. I just love to mix these colors together. Here are some photos of the sets.
Yesterday I worked in my garden. I have planted more than 60 flower bulbs in the earth! The Dutch names for the flowers are dahlia's, gladiolen, lelies (lilly's) and many more difficult flower names that I do not remember any more :)They will all bloom in the summer. I use the flowers to put them in vases in my living room. I can't wait for the pretty flowers to grow in a few months. This is a photo of the bare ground. Nothing exciting yet, just a little patience.....
Tomorrow we will leave for a few days holiday. All sales will be shipped from monday, April 23. See you later!

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