30 januari 2012


There are an few things I really cannot live without, beside the basics which every human body on earth needs. Those are my beloved ones, animals, flowers, lots of candles and colors! They make me happy, make my eyes shine, and my heart sing. I always had an strong fascination for colors. I love colors in all shades, except the pastel tones. They just don't speak to me, like other colors do. Purple and green are by far my 2 most favorite colors. I love to wear clothing in these colors. On some days I'm dressed totally black, but most of the times I combine this with an bright lipstick red color in my accessories, jewelry, belt, or what the heck maybe even red shoes (wish I had them!). But it can be purple also. I'm an person who love strong colors. I dyed my hair with red henna, because my natural hair was an dull brown color. And I started lampworking because I was so excited of all the beautiful colors that are available in glass rods. I just knew from the start that lampworking and glass beads will be with me for an long time. It's like painting with colors, but only on a small canvas.

I choose my colors mostly intuitive, I can have an strong feeling for pink on one day, and the other day it may be grey. It's the (my) trick to combine the color of the day with other colors to make it really 'pop'. Sometimes I'm working on a bead set and then start all over with an other bead set, just because I was bored by the colors I used (but never by the patterns, lol). Some beads will never make it into an whole bead set.

But if you are an lampworker to, there are some of those days that you have an color dip and nothing comes out your hands.....and on those days you may need some extra help.
Well, I have some great links and tips for you to visit and overcome those black days!

First of all: http://colorschemedesigner.com/
This site shows the color wheel. It allows you to select a colour and then select different options to search on like complimentary colours. It is a basic colour wheel that gives you warm and cool colour and it is very helpful for anyone working with colour.

You can browse true palettes made by other people, and you will definitely find something you will like. There are more then 1,951,712 user-created color palettes to inspire your ideas.You can hit the search button and select colours by hue or keyword.

It's the same site as above, but only to find colorful patterns to inspire you and your work.

I' am an loyal follower of the blog, Kabs Creative Concepts, I love her daily journals of life and her beads. She's very creative and makes out of the box jewelry. She also has an great tip for you. Search with google for Pantone Color of the Day(http://www.pantone.com/pages/colorstrology/colorstrology.aspx), and you will see the color of that day. Let this color inspire you! For more check her site at http://kabsconcepts.blogspot.com/, and scroll to her post of january 19, 2012.

When you love colors, you may have heard of Sarah Horniks e-books; http://www.glassbysarah.com/?page_id=476. She offers all kind of e-books you can buy to get color inspired! Go check it out!

An other site which is really upcoming is Pinterest ( http://pinterest.com/) It's an online pinboard, where you can organize and share beautiful pictures from all around the world. I haven't used it for my own so far, but maybe I will give it an try soon or later. What do you think for example of this link? http://pinterest.com/tamarschechner/color/ I really love it!!!!

If you have some more tips for me to share, please let me know! I would be more than happy to place them on my blog! I hope you like the links I have shared, I hope it will bring you lots of inspiration to be creative. Enjoy!

For now I'm working on an bead set with blue, grey, yellow, and Kermit green. But more about that later!

19 januari 2012

Happy Spirit

I have an new bead set to show you. This set is made in the primary colors, red, blue, and yellow, with hints of orange and green.

As soon as I added these beads to my Etsy shop, it was sold within 5 minutes, WOW that was really quick!  One lady from the United Kingdom has bought it, thank you!

15 januari 2012


New Year Sale!
30% Discount to all my beads and glass jewelry in my Etsy shop from January 15 until January 30, 2012!

Because colors is all you need!

10 januari 2012

It's my birthday!

Vandaag is mijn verjaardag, ik ben alweer 30 jaar geworden. Het leven lijkt alleen maar mooier te worden.Vandaag een rustige dag gehad met wat familie, want mijn verjaardagsfeestje heb ik afgelopen zaterdag al gevierd. Het huis staat nu gezellig vol met allemaal cadeautjes en bloemen die ik gekregen heb. Ik kijk met plezier en dankbaarheid terug naar deze dag.  

Een nieuw jaar, 30 jaar oud, en een nieuwe periode in mijn leven. Ik ben benieuwd wat het nieuwe jaar allemaal gaat brengen.

En volgens mij kan het nog...... Voor iedereen veel gezondheid, liefde en creativeit voor 2012 toegewenst!

Today is my birthday, I'm already 30 years old. Life only seems to be better.Today was an quiet day with my family, because I have already celebrate my birthday last saturday. The house is now filled with all the nice gifts and flowers I received.  I look back with pleasure and gratitude to this day.

A new year, 30 years old, and a new period in my life. I wonder what the new year will bring.

And I think I still can....... I wish everybody many health, love and creativity for 2012!