28 juli 2011

Experimental Beads

It seems that there's an chrysanthemum/ lotus bead hype is going on.
People have written tutorials about them, which you have to pay for.

It has surprised me because I have tried to make them after an free tutorial on the glassforum Lampwork.etc..... this tutorial was made in the year 2008.

Anyway, here are some pics of my experiments with them....

They are not my most favorite beads to make, but it's always fun to experiment.

From tomorrow I will close my Etsy shop because we are leaving to the East of Germany for an week, to enjoy our vacation. I hope the sun will shine all week long, because unfortunately it looks like we are having autumn right now. See you later! Bye!

14 juli 2011

What do you find of my new banner??? I really really like it!

I have some focals to show in an new design with sculpted edges!

4 juli 2011

Cracked Beads

Afgelopen weekend heb ik wat kralen gemaakt. De volgende dag kwam ik er achter dat een van de kralen een barst had. En daar ging mijn kralenset..... De afgelopen dagen was ik druk met mijn baan, onze tuin, schoonmaken en andere dingen die moesten gebeuren. Daardoor had ik helaas geen tijd om een nieuwe kraal voor de set, of andere kralen te maken. Soms zou ik willen dat ik de hele dag kralen kon maken. Ik vind het lastig om een balans te vinden tussen mijn baan, sociale leven, kralen en andere dingen.
Maar kent niet iedereen dat probleem? Ik probeer er het beste van te maken, en te genieten van mijn leven.

De komende dagen ga ik in mijn schare vrije tijd proberen om meer kralen te maken, te fotograferen, en op Etsy te plaatsen.

Ik zie je snel weer! Omdat ik geen foto's van nieuwe kralen kan laten zien hierbij een foto van mijn kat Storm. Ze lijkt hier heel lief en lui, maar soms is ze ook heel speels en stormy :)

Last weekend I made some beads.The next day I have found out that one of the beads has an crack.
And there goes my bead set.... Unfortunately the last couple of days I was very busy with my job, our garden, cleaning and other stuff that just needed to be done. So I had no time to make an new bead to complete the set, or even make other beads. Sometimes I wish I could make beads all day long, I find it difficult to get the right balance between job, social life, everything else and my beads.
But don't we all have that problem?  :)) I try to make the best of it, and just enjoy my life.

So in the next couple of days (in my spare time) my main focus is to make more beads, photographing, and list them on Etsy.

See you soon! Beacause I don't have any pics to show you of my beads. Here's an photo of my cat Storm she looks very sweet and lazy, but sometimes she can be very playful and 'stormy' :)